Who We Are

Hermes Communication, aims to bring innovative and different perspectives to the telecommunication sector. 3 basic values ​​will always be at the forefront in achieving these goals.

First, to provide reliable, solutions and services to our customers and partners. Second, to provide services that make life easier and innovative The third is to allocate maximum time and resources to the efforts and activities of our company for institutionalization.

Hermes Communication, which started its activities as a sales organization in 2000, paved the way for the success of R & D investments. Since 2007, we keep our production targets in the forefront and we allocate significant resources for R & D activities. We will continue our efforts to design products that make life easier and offer these products to our customers with different perspectives in the information-based IT sector.


Our Reality

This is a company where curious people come together to produce creative and innovative solutions for the future of the communication technologies industry.
We're curious, and we're going with a passion for a trial that won't follow our curiosity.
Our main motivation is always to do better, and our award is to be able to have a solid place as a solution partner in the lives of our customers.

We like to be different. Our main area of ​​expertise is to imagine and produce solutions that make these dreams come true.

We are as patient, energetic and fun as we are curious. We're as fun as we're fun, smart, creative and conscious.

Hermes The main reasons for the existence of communication;
To be a pioneer in the sector by producing solution oriented, innovative and creative solutions, Developing reliable products and services to meet their needs by listening and understanding our customers and business partners, To increase our brand value and to protect this brand value with the services and products we offer, To develop policies that will prioritize customer satisfaction, To be a continuously developing and changing company by allocating the necessary resources to institutionalization activities.

And you're here because you want more

Our Vision

To be the pioneer communication and technology company of the sector that offers products and services that will facilitate the lives of its customers with innovative and different points of view.
In line with this vision, the employer is an organization whose brand value is high and growth strategies are based on business partners.

Our History

Hermes Communications was founded in 2001.
In this period of the greatest economic crisis in the history of the Republic, Hermes has set its goal as advancing to the innovative vision that underlies its foundations.
In the conditions of its challenging period, Hermes has adopted and shared the idea that the effective use of technology enables companies to make quick decisions and share information with their customers more quickly, by reducing the costs and managing the risks.
Hermes Communications has been a family that has been growing steadily since 2001 and has become stronger with innovative products and services.

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